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  • In newborns, with the development of complications, aggravation of the condition, it is necessary to prescribe detoxification therapy, immunoglobulins, if necessary, prescribe parenteral nutrition, erythrocyte masses, drugs that normalize the biological flora of the digestive tract, for example, Bifidumbacterin.

  • Treatment of adenovirus infection in adults. Drugs for adenovirus infection in adults should also be prescribed only by a doctor in accordance with the general condition of the patient. If the disease is mild or moderate, without any complications, then only symptomatic treatment is recommended, aimed at alleviating the patient's complaints.

  • This includes the appointment of a plentiful warm drink in the form of tea, a decoction of herbs, rosehip infusions, adherence to bed rest when the temperature rises, and taking antipyretics in age-appropriate dosages and upon reaching the mark on the thermometer above 38.5 ° C. It is also necessaryIt is necessary to provide the patient with esomeprazole food.

  • When a cough with wet sputum occurs, agents are prescribed to improve its discharge, usually based on nexium, which help well with this symptom and inhalation. With the development of eye damage, it is recommended to use special eye drops, for example, a solution of Sulfacil Sodium, as well as rinsing with Furacilin, plain warm boiled water, in the event of keratoconjunctivitis, the laying of Hydrocortisone eye ointment is prescribed for centuries.

  • If a bacterial infection joins, then solutions with Antibiotics are used. With the timely appointment of antiviral therapy, the effectiveness in the treatment of adenovirus infection increases, most often Groprinosin, Arbidol, Ribovirin are prescribed.

  • The information provided in this article is intended for esomeprazole pills purposes only and cannot replace professional advice and qualified medical assistance. At the slightest suspicion of the presence of this disease, be sure to consult your doctor!

  • Adenovirus infection - which doctor will help? In the presence or only suspicion of the development of this type of infection, you should immediately seek advice from such a doctor as an infectious disease specialist.

  • At home, you also need to treat toys, furniture surfaces with a weak solution of chorus or some other disinfectant, and thoroughly boil clothes. If a child is found in contact with a sick adenovirus, it is necessary to establish observation of nexium pills with temperature measurement for 3-4 days. It will also be useful to limit visits to public institutions, supermarkets and other places with a large crowd of people during the period with the spread of viral diseases.

  • Personal prevention consists in wearing clothes in accordance with weather conditions, when announcing an impending epidemic or when in a team with an identified adenovirus infection, prophylactic administration of immunostimulating drugs, the use of Oxolinic ointment is recommended, sometimes it is rational and taking in preventive doses of antiviral drugs.

  • If a patient with adenovirus infection is identified in a team, especially a child, it is necessary to isolate him for the duration of the illness. In cases of the formation of an epidemic outbreak, quarantine is recommended to prevent further spread of the infection.

  • Among the general preventive measures, one can note the treatment of esomeprazole in public institutions, hospitals with the use of disinfectants, chlorination of water in swimming pools, and periodic end-to-end ventilation of the premises.

  • Currently, in some countries, the so-called live vaccine based on its direct pathogens is used to prevent the spread and infection of adenovirus infection. However, it has not received significant wide distribution as a result of the data obtained on the ability of its influence on the formation of various malignant cells in the human body.

    • Prevention of adenovirus infection.
    • Of the antibacterial drugs, the drugs of choice in these cases are II and III generation cephalosporins.
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In case of complications of infection with bacterial flora, development of pneumonia, sinusitis and other aggravating diseases of viral infection, as well as elderly people with a history of chronic diseases, antibiotics are recommended.

In case of development of complications, severe course of adenovirus infection, it is recommended to carry out detoxification therapy using the administration of a solution of Reopolyglyukin, Acesol.

It is often recommended to take drugs belonging to the group of immunostimulants (Cycloferon, Anaferon) and immunomodulators (Interferon). In the event of pharyngitis, tonsillitis, it is possible to jointly use local antibacterial drugs in the form of Hexoral, Lizobact, Imudon with general antiviral drugs.